Cisco wlc mac filter wildcard

Althought the SSID varies, like:.

September 10, at 4: September 10, at 5: You can configure up to 25 wildcard rule per rogue rule. Prabh Simran said: April 8, at 5: Packet level view of the same. Where could i find it?

WLC - block MAC Address - Cisco Community

August 27, at 1: I got no hits on those rules! Omar Hegazy said: November 8, at 8: November 9, at 8: Did you see this https: November 10, at AMR said: December 7, at 5: Hi Rasika We have problem with rogue detection on wired ,our target is to detect any rogue on wired and control it by shutdown the port by prime but we could not to see even the rogue ap on prime and some time could not from controller. PI version 3.


David said: September 8, at 2: Do you have any working examples of detecting a rogue access point that is connected to you network? In the same switch I have configured an AP in rogue detection mode. July 12, at 9: Can you please elaborate this feature i have find out so much in google and nothing i get in beneficial.

July 13, at 9: Have you seen this document, hope it clarifies some of your doubts https: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Rogue Classification

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You can configure this feature via CLI as well. Here is the steps to do that via CLI.

Client Troubleshooting- Cisco Wireless Controller

Maximum of 64 rules are allowed. Enabled Type Friendly Match Operation Any Hit Count Disabled Rogue AP timeout No Classification Disabled Type All Hit Count Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google. Like this: Once we have our End Station Filter in place, we can make some very granular decisions around authentication and authorisation of users trying to join the SSID. One area that this is very useful for is defining Service Policies.

Wildcard MAC address filtering can it be done?

We can tie a service definition to a particular source SSID. You can see from the highlighted field that only authentication requests that are received from our sample SSID will hit this policy entry, as they must match the End Station Filter that contains the SSID information. If you are looking at your own copy of ACS whilst looking at the example shown above, you may not see all of the fields shown in this screen-shot. You may need to customize the fields shown by hitting the 'Customize' button shown at the bottom right of the screen-shot.

There are a couple of caveats to bear in mind:.

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SSID names are case sensitive. If you aren't hitting the policy line you expect, double check the case of the SSID name in your end station filter, compared to that on your WLC Bear in mind that you are using a wild-card in the end station filter.