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Plant pairing is removed Telephony: Blocking anonymous calls easier Telephony: Box Telephony: Detail improvements in initial setup, remote maintenance and update process Improvements in VPN status on the overview page System: DDNS status in the comfort functions System: Text Revisions to the remote, push services including System: Improved online help Telephony: Improved time announcements in answering WLAN: Wi-Fi Monitor revised graphics Improvements in VPN for secure connections over the Internet.

Professionally via IPSec Internet: How to help friends Internet: Setup Wizard now also supports cable modem Internet: Event message "Internet connection" with an indication of the broadband PoP Telephony: Receiving faxes without a fax machine. Upon request by forwarding e-mail Telephone: Compatible with various USB devices improves Improvements in Minor bugfixes for specific scenarios Telephony: Box removed WLAN: Box recorded and are lost when you reboot.

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Listen to update before the new messages. When you go update all recorded messages and settings of the answering machine lost. When a USB memory for the answering machine is activated, the Settings of the answering machine get the update. Detail improvements to the user DECT: After ringing problems with certain cordless phones eliminated WLAN: Wireless transmission speed increases Improvements in Problems with divert, voice mail and ring lock removed DECT: Parental extended Internet: Box users To access storage NAS contents, you need a user account with a user name and password.

Box for this purpose: Box Users" in the "System" menu. Click the Edit button for the user who should be allowed to access the storage NAS.

If you have not set up any users yet: Click the "Add User" button. Enter a name and password for the user in the corresponding fields. Enable the option "Access to NAS contents".

Click the "Add Directory" button. If the user should only be allowed to access a particular storage or folder, enable the option "Select folder".

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In the "Directory" section, assign the user read and write permission to the storage. Box's password protection, reenable it: Click on the "Login to the Home Network" tab.

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