Mac os x lion right click not working

Sometimes you might want to turn Mouse Keys off as some keys on your keyboard won't function properly. If you are using an external keyboard, just find the equivalent to the function key. To map keys on a Windows keyboard with a Mac, visit this guide. Activate it, select the file and hit the shortcut keys, then you get the keyboard focus on your menubar.

Navigate with the cursor keys to the "Services" menu, select the service and hit Enter. Here's a solution using Automator and Python. I am on High Sierra Installed Shortcat and seems fine so far, also Vimium is super useful, but works only in browsers. Tab to the link or item and either press return or the space bar to select and activate, then press return. In Mojave, simply two finger click on the trackpad will generate right click effect, such as spell check over red squiggly lines words on text to correct the spelling. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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right click on mac

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Similar to following windows option key. To assign a keyboard shortcut for performing a secondary click at the current coordinates of the pointer, you can either: Use a private. James 4 4 bronze badges. Lri Lri There is no point in do it at current mouse coordinates.. ArnoldRoa Agreed.

How To: Get your mouse's right-click back in OS X

Any way to do this at the current selection or cursor position not the mouse location? ArnoldRoa J Any luck with this? Michael Gaskill 2 2 gold badges 3 3 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. Nixx Nixx 91 3 3 bronze badges. I can't find. The Universal Access preference pane has been called Accessibility since Nixx: I am able to use keyboard for navigation of mouse pointer only. If you can't enable it in the first method, use the second method. Method 2 Press Option - Command - F5 , and a window will pop up. It works! Without a number keypad, the "some keys" that won't work under Mousekeys are 7, 8, 9, U, O, J, K, L, which could be a problem Voila, the service is executed on the selected file.

Garex Garex 4 4 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. Open Automator and create a new service: Choose Service receives no input in any application. Use a descriptive name like "Perform a right-click". When I first upgraded to Mountain Lion I added this info for the cloud so, I don't know why it didn't take. I restarted and logged in many times when my mouse wasn't working and the OS never asked for iCloud login. I assumed it went through. I don't know if this is a glitch, but now it seems to be working. Thanks for all your help.

2. Check Relevant Settings

Jan 21, PM in response to ozyman In response to ozyman. Jan 21, PM. There are a number of posts similar to this. I recently experience my Magic Mouse losing its right-click function. I thought it was something wrong with the mouse itself.

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Coincidentally, I also recently got a trackpad for the iMac and the right click feature there wasn't working either, so I presumed it must be the iMac itself of the system software. I was already running Mountain Lion Haven't really used a trackpad much with the iMac, and I do not have a laptop.

I am actually starting to like it better than the mouse. Liking the iPad Mini also. I works pretty well as a laptop when I am travelling, and if I carry the wireless keyboard and the trackpad with me with the iPad Mini is works pretty well as a little laptop. With all of the apps out there there is a plethora of gadgets, in some respects better than those available for the Mac itself.

I installed a little VPN thingy to give me access to my iMac at home, which is virtually always running, in case I need something remotely. Parenthetically, I got onto all this because I had to bring the 27" iMac, only 1 year old, in for repairs, overheating with the fans running wildly. That is what the tech said. Have to wait for the part to arrive yet though. Thank got for the mini. I miss my iMac. Apr 19, PM. May 14, PM in response to Stephen D. Scotti, M. In response to Stephen D. May 14, PM. Question: Q: right click not working mountain lion More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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Two-finger right click not working?

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OS X: How to Enable Right-Click with the Magic Mouse

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