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It is free to download from the App Store, so take advantage of this tool whenever you need. Geekbench is a useful app for measuring the CPU performance and memory speed on your Mac.

Geekbench 4 - Cross-Platform Benchmark

It includes different tests that were designed to estimate how well your Mac can run everyday tasks. To start the Macbook performance test, you need to install the app, launch it, choose your processor architecture and click Run Benchmarks. When the test is completed, you can compare your results with other users. This may suggest that there is a problem with your Mac and what you should really expect from your particular model and hardware. You can try Geekbench for free, but if you want to get the full version, you need to buy it from the App store.

Mac speed test

Cinebench is a platform used to test two things: CPU and graphics card performance. Main processor performance. And the higher number you get, the faster your processor. Graphics card performance. This test uses a 3D car scene that shows the car chase. And to test the capabilities of your graphics hardware, Cinebench uses a great variety of different effects and textures.

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The higher the numbers, the faster your graphics card is. Cinebench is free to use, so if you need to run a CPU speed test Mac or measure your graphics card performance, try it out.

You can test your whole computer in minutes and even compare results with thousands of other systems. To run the Mac speed test, do the following:. Once you've tested your computer performance, you can add results to your profile or keep them private. PCMark 10 benchmark is for PC evaluating organizations. PCMark 10 Express is for basic work tasks. PCMark 10 Extended is for the complete assessment of the system performance. Website: PCMark HeavyLoad is a Freeware. It puts a heavy load on your workstation or server PC.

Website: HeavyLoad. Price: It offers a free trial for 30 days. Support and updates are included with both the pricing plans. BurnInTest will allow you to stress test all your computer sub-systems simultaneously. For storing the test results at a central place, it can be integrated with PassMark Management Console.

Website: BurnInTest. Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is an application with strong capabilities for Windows systems.

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It will allow you to overclock, monitor or stress the systems. Website: Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. The CPU needs to be stress tested in order to ensure its stability. It is stress tested using extreme workload, memory usage, clock speed, voltages, and different types of tasks. Before performing this type of testing, different parameters like temperature, overclocking, underclocking, and overvolting should be changed according to the heavy CPU loads. While running the CPU stress testing, the temperature should be monitored frequently.

CoreTemp is an optional software which can be used for temperature monitoring.

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This step can avoid the damages caused by overheating. What should be the temperature of the CPU?

The answer to this question depends on the model but it could be at a maximum of 80 degrees Celsius. Because ideally, it should be around 50 to 70 degree Celsius.

Using the Apple Hardware Test to Diagnose Problems

With Intel models, the temperature may be higher. The below image will show you the temperature difference of the CPU with different tools. If we take the example of the Prime95 program, then it should at least run for 3 to 6 hours to overclock the CPU correctly. Some of the top tools for the stress testing of CPU are listed below. Core Temp is a powerful tool for monitoring the temperature of each core of every processor of the system.

It will display the temperature in real-time with changing workloads. Website: Core Temp. It can perform hardware analysis, monitoring, and reporting. It has features of customization, extensive reporting, and in-depth hardware information. You can download it for free. It provides the option to perform stress testing on both memory and processor. Its new version has included a sub-project of finding prime Mersenne co-factors.

Who Should Use Cinebench?

Prime95 can be used in two ways i. Website: Prime Cinebench is available for Windows as well as Mac OS. For measuring the performance of CPU, it includes a photo-realistic 3D scene in a test scenario. This scene uses various algorithms and gives stress on all available processor cores. Website: Cinebench. It provides Apps for iOS and Windows phones. These apps are available for download at a free of cost. Website: AIDA IntelBurn Test is a freeware program for simplifying the usage of Linpack. Website: IntelBurn Test. While performing hardware stress testing, memory and the CPU are the two components that are stress tested for extreme workload, memory usage, heat, overclocking, and voltages.

Bad graphics cards, bad drivers, overheating or bad memory can be the reasons for bluescreen and system rebooting. Hence, if you are facing any of the issues like blue screen or system rebooting, we will recommend testing the memory first. One the reasons for such recommendation is that it is easier to do. We have shortlisted some of the RAM Stress testing tools for your reference. Price: It offers three pricing plans i. Cinebench tests your graphics card by displaying a complex 3D scene of a car chase taking place in a dimly lit street, which requires your Mac to render a range of special effects, textures, and nearly 1 million polygons at once.

The higher the number, the faster your processor. This app was designed to help video editors check whether their hard drives could handle editing and playing various video formats, but it can also be useful for gauging how well your Mac handles demanding applications in general. For example, if you notice that the CPU usage is climbing, then you can start closing apps before this has any noticeable impact on performance.

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How to update video card driver on Mac OS X system

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