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The other feature in favor of Seashore is the availability of Cocoa user interface that make it possible for the Seashore to get easily compatible with the Mac OS X operating systems.

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Simplicity and powerful features are what you can expect from the Seashore. With the availability of hundreds of photo effects and frames and then the addition of basic editing and enhancement tools, Autodesk Pixlr is a photo editing platform that allow its users to easily transform any dull image into the stunning one by simply utilizing the state of the art creative and retouching tools of the Autodesk Pixlr. This easy to use yet powerful photo editor is based on the system of providing the quick services to its users to get the fine-tune system for any of their picture without even worrying about the format compatibility issue.

Everything here is like a personal touch where you can add the borders, effects, overlays and can perform various other stunning functions. On both eyes and working, Autodesk Pixlr is the name of professionalism where there are million combination of effects and filters that will give a brand new stunning look to your simple and dull images. Transparency, image resize system, rotate system, and everything comes with Autodesk Pixlr for a perfect touch. Pixelmator is a fully featured and powerful image editing and managing application for the Mac OS X operating systems users that contains the basic features of editing the images.

Pixelmator is a highly advanced image editing platform that in provides the users with the system of picture enhancement, text and shapes and system for adding dazzling effects and perform various other functions as well. It is built for the professionals and developers, however, the beginners can also use the Pixelmator. The key features of Pixelmator are dozens of tools, layer styles, dozens of photo effects, image processing, painting engine, color correction tools, adding of layers, colors adjustment, support for all kind of image formats, Automator actions system, photos extension and much more.

Transformation, moving tools, alignment guides, selection tools and every other tool for the best and accurate selection that will make you able to get full command and control over all of their work. Adobe Photoshop Express is a simple yet powerful photo editing, managing and sharing program that provides the users with the system of managing their online photo library along with editing the photos of any format.

It is a source for enjoying a more fun with your images just because of deploying the ultra-modern editing and effects tools of the Adobe Photoshop Express.

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It is an automatically awesome program that offers the one-touch adjustment and creation system. Simple slider to adjust exposure and brightness are the options that Adobe Photoshop Express provide to its users. The main technical features of Adobe Photoshop Express are an easy to touch up system, simple capturing method, and quick sharing. The other thing here is the availability of add-on packs to extend the functionalities of the Adobe Photoshop Express in order to get the more advanced and high-tech features.

Whatever you can expect from a professional photo editing platform is surely the part of the Adobe Photoshop Express. Adobe Photoshop Elements is a photo editor by the Adobe Photoshop that assist the photo lovers in enhancing their photos. Adobe Photoshop Elements is one of the best photo editors that provide the users with the best photo editing options to the users.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a multiplatform program that is available for almost all operating systems by using which you can take more photos and images than even before. Simply use the Adobe Photoshop Elements and focus on your digital memories as Adobe Photoshop Elements will assist you in making them look great and more enhanced. First of all there is simple editing function that enables the users to make the quick edits and add artistic touches like a professional to make your simple images stunning and marvelous.

Then comes the organizing area of the Adobe Photoshop Elements that will assist you in keeping your memories organised like having on the fingertips. You can organize your images by assigning label and order to them in order to find them easily for the next time. PicsArt Photo Studio is a one stop photo editing system for the professional artists and designers.

In addition to providing the editing features, PicsArt Photo Studio delivers the system for drawing and sharing the images as well. The images can be shared at the social media platforms and even with the global creative community as well. Creative is not so much simple task but PicsArt Photo Studio is a platform that has made it very simple and effective.

Just use the PicsArt Photo Studio and enjoy the user-friendly and fully features photo editing, designing, and collage making tools of the PicsArt Photo Studio. Hundreds of effects, masks, frames, stickers, and designs are the part of this platform that will give you an opportunity to get the stunning level of photos. PicsArt Photo Studio is one of the best photo editor and organizer for a creative digital work.

In addition to all these, PicsArt Photo Studio is a highly customizable program. Acorn 5 is a professional image editor for the Mac OS X operating system that is said to be a hassle free photo editor that requires no kind of subscription in order to be used for the photo editing.

Windows-only software

It is the house of those tools and functions that are hard to found in most of the image editing programs. Like the non-destructive curves and levels system of Acorn 5 provide the best joining system where the users can employs the both shape and bitmap layers. These curves and layers can be saved by the users as well. Then there are hundreds of improvements in the Acorn 5 like editable exit system, import options, star shape tools and dozens of others.

In addition to performing the basic editing and organizing functions, Acorn 5 also provide the extra functionalities in shape of vector tools, custom brushes, non-destructive filters, raw image import, shape tools, PSD import and export and much more. Aviary Photo Editor is a very comprehensive photo editor that is one stop solution for the photo editing for the Windows operating systems users.

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Aviary Photo Editor is the fine solution for the basic needs of photo editing and organizing that in addition to providing the users with the system of using the own tools enable them to purchase the extra one as well. Aviary Photo Editor is one of the best and powerful image editing platform for those users who are looking for a way to easily and quickly edit their photos of all formats. It contains almost all those tools and instruments that are considered as the must-have for a professional level of editing.

Everything available here is in a user-friendly interface. The main advantage of using Aviary Photo Editor is that it is backed by the most of the features of Adobe Photoshop Express but at the same time delivers extra features and creative tools as well. NET is an advanced level of photo and image editing platform that delivers the Windows operating users with the basic photo editing and processing features and functions.

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First of all there is user friendly interface of the Paint. NET that itself is one of the best features of the Paint. NET because it made it simple and easy for the users to easily navigate from one part of the screen to another one and access the available tools and features of the Paint. Then comes the special effects, limitless undo and redo options, support for multiple layers, and a wide selection of other powerful tools that will force you to not go for any other image editing and processing application. In addition to performing the editing and image processing functions, Paint.

NET can be used as a replacement for MS Paint as well for the purpose of performing painting and designing.

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It is simple yet powerful editing package that can be used in place of advanced level of image editing programs. Adobe Spark Post is an easy and fun way to create and design a stunning creative graphics for any occasion. It is developed by professionals and contains all the major tools and services to deliver the complete and more realistic experience.

Get a start in seconds with professionally created templates you can tweak to make your own with just a few taps.

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You can pick any for your photos, add some text and apply design filters to create a stunning and eye-catching graphics. The application features new layouts, colours palettes, typography styles and filters in a single tap. With the app, you can also be able to share your designs with other on social media platforms, text messages or email etc.

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Adobe Spark Post is quite simple and easy to use app that no require any expert skills to design your own graphics, just follow its steps or learn its guide to enjoy it complete services. It is also known as a magical tool for creators of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

The most prominent feature includes as design filters, auto resizes, auto recolour, text effects, sync, millions of premium photos and hand-picked fonts etc. Do try it out, it is an excellent option to design stunning graphics.

Method 2: Use the Acrobat task ribbon in Office (Windows only)

PicsArt is an Image-editing, collage maker, drawing and social network platform that allows users to take and edit images, draw with layers and share their images with its PicsArt community and on the other social networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The application is available to use on Android, iOS and Windows Phone device and you can access it anywhere around the world. It has a massive list of unique tools such as effects, collage maker, beauty camera, free clipart, library and millions of user-created stickers etc.

There are also has lots of drawing tools that allow you to create stunning stickers and images by using different shapes and colours. PicsArt is available to use in different versions, and each new version of the app offers more advanced features and tools in order to deliver a realistic experience. PicsArt includes core features such as online community, share your creativity, collage maker and grids, a powerful photo editor with s of amazing tools, beauty camera and drawing tools etc. The application provides all these creative tools for free and makes it easy and fun to make awesome images.

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Huji Cam is one of best app that makes your moments as precious as the feelings of the analog film with old memories. It is free to use photography app, available to use on Android and iOS devices. This camera app has the effort of those days to leave precious moments as vivid and vibrant photographs. With this application, you can easily capture s like photos and videos.