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On Windows most use putty which is great.. But actually, krusader wil give you more then that..

So just do that. MC will not bring anything to play that you cannot use with KRusader and that will always work.. I use mc on my mac all the time, Works great, Have you pressed the "fn" key before pressing the F-keys? I use mc all the time from my Mac using Terminal.

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Since it's heavy on the F-keys, it can get a bit cumbersome. This is a system-wide setting however.

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Tap escape once, then tap the standard 1 key. Same for all F keys up to F Tried Fn.

Midnight Commander

Didn't seem to make any difference. My guess is that Helmonder is probably right, Terminal. At one point I managed to get into a "learning" section don't remember the exact name where mc would record key presses. I got a few set and then must have pressed the wrong key. Is there some way to reset key commands to default? You can change what terminal it's using in the Profiles area of the Settings in Terminal.

I use xtermcolor usually. Using mc with putty since 7 years - no issues so far. But putty is a Windows Program - on Mac i dont know, what is working well.

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Midnight Commander + iTerm (OS X) = bread and butter console tool - Lars Schenk

To empower your terminal with all the above, follow this excellent guide by Jilles Soeters: Baddassify your terminal and come back for Steps 2 and 3. Now its time to take your newly-badassified terminal and fully ingest that Red Pill…. Thankfully some kind soul Robert Dempsey has already exported a full Matrix color scheme for iTerm, so all we need to do is import it! The next step is to pimp your terminal with Powerlevel9k by Ben Hilburn , giving it fancy symbols and customisable gizmos with an out-of-the-box configuration.

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These visual cues are actually super useful in saving space and understanding your live environment, like what directory you are in, what Git branch you are on, and even how long your code took to run. February 2, at am.

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Midnight Commander 4.7.0 OSX

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