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Hello Chloe! Did anyone have success with StFD? Hi Chloe, I had the same problem, but not with this game. So I discovered if you leave out the back slash it will give you an error.

Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy

I tried everything to get this to work for me. I watched youtube videos and even read the guides. Any help would be appreciated from here. Hi Paul! If the discs do not stay in your drive, you may want to contact Apple support about the drive. Are you using Virtual PC, or Wineskin? Check out their tech support for how to use these. If you are having trouble installing a Nancy Drew game, please contact us directly at techsupport herinteractive.

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Has anyone managed to find what wineskin version to use for Warnings at Waverly Academy? Thanks Lindsay! Has this happened to you also? Jess xx. I have had success with all my one disc games, but my two disc games Danger by Design and Creature of Kapu Cave seem to not be working through my Wineskin.

I can get it all installed and everything, but when I select the game. Please please help if you know what to do!! Hi Alesix! Anybody have suggestions for getting at least installed? I used two different wrappers WS8Wine1.

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Hey all! Can anyone help? Which steps would I need to change? Would really like to know what download version of the older games work with wineskin.

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Hello Kitkat! All the downloadable Nancy Drew games digital should be able to work with the work-around instructions posted in our FAQ page, which should work the same way on PC as with a program like Wineskin or Bootcamp on Macs. Hi Aiden, if you believe this is an issue with Wineskin, email them or contact their tech support team. Otherwise, these instructions are perfect for those wanting to run the older games on MAC.

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  4. This happens with every game I try to install, both CD and download. Nothing pops up, even after the test run. Any ideas? Once I have the final wrapper that works can I move all the other folders off my desktop? A little OCD lol. Hello Jojo! Would you please send this question to techsupport herinteractive.

    I just want to say thank you so much for putting this out there. It has been a good 10 years or so since I first started playing Nancy Drew games as a child and I have wanted to relive the old games for a long time.

    I cannot wait to play them! Anyone find a work around for this issue? Hi Janae! I am having the same problem and I have tried everything! I even tried just saving it to another folder, still no luck in the end. Let me know if you get it figured out please! Hi Coryn — I have just alerted Tech Support regarding your issue and they should be in touch shortly.

    Sorry for the delay. This has worked so well for me! Except, has anyone had issues with Haunted Carousel playing the arcade games?

    Nancy Drew - Labyrinth of Lies for Mac - Download

    Anyone have this problem and been able to fix it? Just installed my first Wineskin and game! My only issue so far is that the double curser is still there. Any tips on fixing that problem? Does this still work? Hi Chloe! I have followed the instructions for set up exactly and the picture is always broken up and fuzzy. What do I do? If you think the game is glitching, please contact us at techsupport herinteactive. Everything else has worked so smoothly.

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    I bought my digital download off of amazon. Hello Bekah! Does anyone think they can help? Thank you. Hello Brianna! Ever time I try to put in destination location C: Hi Anna, would you please email us at techsupport herinteractive. Does anyone know how to play the older pc games through Big Fish on a Mac? Struggling with wineskin. You will need to contact them directly. Good luck! I obtained my digital download for The Final Scene through Amazon.

    I was able to download the game but am unable to download Amazon Game Installer. Hi Emily — Unfortunately, we are unable to help with any technical support issues that you may have with Amazon and their game installer. You will need to contact Amazon directly. I hope they can resolved your issue. This is why we always encourage fans to purchase directly from us at http: I just got the new MacOS Mojave However after trying the WS8Wine1. If you have a new Mac operating system I would try that engine first.

    Hi Aimee — Please contact our Tech Support team and they can help with this.

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    I recently purchased a digital download of Sea of Darkness for my Mac.