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Charts Use the app's visually striking charts and views to create conclusive illustrations. No matter if you want to visualize your close relatives or take a look at your complete family tree - MacFamilyTree offers you the right tool.

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All views are displayed immediately and without delay, allowing for easy navigation through your personal history. Reports MacFamilyTree will show you all important information on persons or families in a compact and elegant manner.

Family Tree Template with Photos

Comprehensive formatting options for your reports, integration of images and illustrated charts as well as printing and exporting options provide you with the greatest level of flexibility - at your next family gathering, you'll not only be able to demonstrate all the details on a given relative, but you can also present them in a larger context. All reports can be designed or decorated to your liking, and you can even add a coat of arms. It's also perfect for relatives from another country: All reports can be generated in 16 languages.

Family Books Choose from numerous templates and styles and let MacFamilyTree create a book based on the information contained in your database.

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  • Books can be printed or exported as PDFs. You can choose between ready-made books containing family and personal data, or books entirely created by yourself, where you can design each page individually and to your liking. Family books are an ideal present for weddings, birthdays, and other occasions.

    Simply send the exported file to your trusted print shop to create a unique and special gift. Turn your Family Tree into a Website Select one of the numerous templates, click "Upload" and presto, you've published your family tree as a website including pictures, charts, statistics, and further information.

    Family Tree Charts

    Secure connections are, of course, also supported. If yes, the best tool you can use is none other than a family tree. In this article, we talk about different kinds of family trees and how you can create them using different printable templates.

    Build family trees using built-in templates

    Most of the time, family trees are used to explain the pedigree and the relationship between family members across different generations. And to help you achieve this, we have curated some of the best family tree templates available online line. Also included in this list are online family tree generators that you can use to track and create your own digital family trees.

    Family Tree Templates

    Check them all out below! Free Download. This free family tree graph incorporates space for up to four 4 generations within your family. You may easily add more generations into the template as long as you know how to use different editing software programs.

    Create Fantastic Family Tree Charts Using Charting Companion

    This family tree template incorporates enough space for the name, date of birth or death, and origin for each family member while making sure that the template is free of charge. If you have to create a sample blank family tree template , make sure to keep the places blank before you put the names and their relationship with each other. While the rest of the text boxes on the family tree should be kept black so that you can add new member names as the family grows.

    MacFamilyTree 8.2 Showcase Video (EN)

    What might look impressive to adults, will look interesting to kids. That is why, if you want to create a family tree that will appeal to kids you should look for and choose a simple family tree template that was created exclusively for kids or young children. By doing this, it will be easier for kids to understand what was written on the family tree chart.

    Create Fantastic Family Tree Charts Using Charting Companion

    A simple family tree that includes the most basic information like the names, relationship, birth and the death days are always easier to comprehend. Try out the sample family tree template shown below to see how it works. A family chart should give the precise details about each person added on the tree. This information includes the birthdays, death dates, names, and relationship of each member at a glance.

    When you create a sample family tree, leave some space in the Word document to allow the inclusion of the new family members as and when they are added.

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